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Award Plumbing Limited

We present a comprehensive managed plumbing service tailored for businesses, commercial enterprises, and industrial entities. As a local and well-established plumbing and heating company, we excel in comprehensive project oversight, beginning with initial design and culminating in expert installation, all the way to the final handover. Our commitment to approachable and accommodating customer support is just a phone call away, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

From the smallest tasks to the most extensive undertakings, we tackle them all. Our professional services for commercial clients encompass an array of needs, ranging from addressing minor issues like leaky faucets in office kitchens, to orchestrating complete installations for new structures. Backed by a seasoned team of skilled plumbers and heating engineers, we are equipped to conceptualize and implement efficient plumbing and heating systems. Whether you’re transitioning to new premises, refurbishing existing spaces, or aiming to enhance your current systems, we have you covered.

“No job too small, no project too large”

Commercial plumbing services

Our array of commercial plumbing services caters to the water supply and drainage systems required by businesses, public venues, leisure hubs, schools, industrial complexes, and manufacturing plants and many more. These establishments boast elaborate plumbing networks that inherently pose higher demands compared to the residential and domestic counterparts.

Residential plumbing services

Our comprehensive domestic plumbing services gives a diverse range of offerings, allowing us to provide our valued customers with an extensive range of solutions. From the installation of bathroom fixtures to the seamless integration of kitchen fittings, our expertise spans across various facets of your home’s plumbing needs. With our services, you can trust that every detail, from the most essential components to the finer elements, will be handled with precision and care, ensuring your spaces are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


  • CSCS
  • CITB
  • NVQ

We adhere highly to the health and safety standards.

All our engineers are DBS certified.

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